You Hit Me With Your Car (and Other Love Stories)

The Eighteen-Eleven Collective is proud to present You Hit Me With Your Car (and Other Love Stories), an indie romance anthology.

You Hit Me With Your Car (and Other Love Stories)

Two girls fall in love with Parisian cinema, cabaret music, and maybe also each other. A rejected visa isn’t going to keep a Pakistani-Canadian from reaching her wedding in India, not when her supernatural family is there to help her out. And it’s just another year at fantasy summer camp as one by-the-book counsellor struggles to keep her hot-as-the-sun colleague out of trouble (again).

From Toronto to Karachi to Osaka, from a coffee shop meet-cute to a retirement home parking lot, these ten stories celebrate love – no matter where you find it.

This collection features stories by Manahil Bandukwala, Alicia Haniford, Ren Iwamoto, Julia T. Lye, Browen Matheson, Cossette Penner-Olivera, Paige Pinto, and Megan Waldron.

This project was made possible by the assistance of the City of Ottawa’s Youth in Culture Pilot Program.

Want more information about the book? Find some handy FAQs here!

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