About the Project

You Hit Me With Your Car (and Other Love Stories) is available now.

From Toronto to Karachi to Osaka, fantasy summer camp to a coffee shop meet-cute, these ten original stories celebrate love—no matter where you find it. This is our version of romance.

Is this self-published?

Yes! As a collective, we didn’t solicit submissions for the anthology, but instead commissioned stories from our members. Each piece included here was peer-edited and developed with the input of the whole group. Our members did all of the writing, editing, typesetting, and illustrating you’ll see in the final product!

Book Details

  • Stories by Manahil Bandukwala, Alicia Haniford, Julia T. Lye, Ren Iwamoto, Browen Matheson, Cossette Penner-Olivera, Paige Pinto, and Megan Waldron
  • Illustration and cover design by Manahil Bandukwala
  • Typeset by Browen Matheson and Alicia Haniford
  • Edited by Alicia Haniford and Paige Pinto

Why should I buy this book?

We think that our book is awesome and that you should buy it just because you want to. But if you need some more convincing…

When you purchase this book, you’re supporting emerging writers. You may discover an author at the beginning of their career!

What is indie romance?

The heart wants what the heart wants! As much as we love, respect, and appreciate genre writing & traditional romance, some of our contributors went rogue.

This is our version of romance – not every story is the rom-com you might expect, but it sure is a book about love.

Who will enjoy this book?

You Hit Me With Your Car (and Other Love Stories) was written for everyone, no matter where you’re from or how you identify. That said, you’ll enjoy it best if you’re a teen at heart!

There’s a lot of variety under the umbrella of ~love~. The collection includes fantasy, historical fiction, magical realism, some good old realism, and even a dash of the supernatural.

We’re grateful to have received funding from the City of Ottawa Youth in Culture Pilot Program, which allowed us to publish this book.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book will also be donated to Kind Space Ottawa. 1811 is in no way affiliated with Kind, but we admire the work they do and hope that we’ve created a similar space with our words.

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